Delegates elect the union’s leadership team

Election Committee Chair Deborah Lane swears in DC 37's top officers and vice presidents on Jan. 26.

DC 37 Election Committee Chair Debbie Lane swears in DC 37’s top officers and vice presidents on Jan. 26. (Photo by Clarence Elie-Rivera)


Delegates elected the union’s new secretary and 19 members of the DC 37 Executive Board on Jan. 26.

The 20 leaders elected at the Jan. 26 Delegates Council monthly meeting are all members of DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido’s “Members First” slate.

In the race for DC 37 Secretary Walthene Primus, president of NYC Housing Authority Clerical Local 957, defeated Local 375 1st Vice President Michelle Keller-Ng and Local 375 Legislative Chair Migdalia Acevedo. Nineteen local presidents were elected as vice presidents to serve on the DC 37 Executive Board.

The Jan. 26 election was for executive board vice president seats occupied by union locals whose members constitute less than 5 percent of the union’s membership.

Under the DC 37 Constitution, the larger “5 percent” locals elect their own board representatives, which they did at the November Delegates Council meeting. At that meeting, Garrido was elected without opposition along with DC 37 President Eddie Rodriguez and DC 37 Treasurer Maf Misbah Uddin.

“Whatever the results of the elections are, I would urge those who won and those who lost to come together to unite this institution,” said Garrido, before the vote on Jan. 26. “We have a lot of challenges ahead and we need to be strong.”

The “Member First” slate elected on Jan. 24 includes incumbent board members Local 154 President Juan Fernandez, Local 374 President Cuthbert Dickenson, Local 384 President Esther (Sandy) Tucker, Local 508 President Peter Stein, Local 983 President Joseph Puleo, Local 1113 President Deborah Pitts, Local 1320 President Jim Tucciarelli, Local 1359 President Dennis Ifill, Local 1455 President Michael DeMarco, Local 1482 President Eileen Muller, Local 1505 President Dilcy Benn, Local 1597 President Eric Latson, Local 1655 President Jonathan Gray, Local 2507 President Israel Miranda and Local 2627 President Robert Ajaye.

The “Members First Slate” team also included three candidates who were not incumbents: Local 376 President Gene DeMartino, Local 924 President Kyle Simmons, and Local 1930 President Valentin Colon.

The defeated candidates were former executive board member Jackie Rowe-Adams, who is the president of Local 299, and Local 1087 President Manuel A. Roman, who ran as independents.

DC 37 Election Committee Chair and Local 384 Treasurer Debbie Lane, with the help of committee members Local 420 1st Vice President Isabel Figueroa and Local 957 member Donna Seale Harrison, oversaw the election proceedings. The American Arbitration Association ran the election.

After announcing the election results, Lane swore in the union’s top officers and vice presidents, who will serve a three-year term.

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