CUNY Contract: Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we provide information about the union’s  proposed contract with City University of New York. DC 37’s website has a special section on the economic agreement with additional background.

Who is covered by this contract?

Members in Locals 375, 384, 983, 1407, 1597, 1797, 2054 and 2627 are affected by this contract.

How long is the contract?

The contract is for 87 months and covers the period November 1, 2009 thru January 31, 2017.

What is the value of the contract?

The contract has a value of 10.41 percent in compounded wage increases effective on the following dates:

1% -May 1, 2011
1% -May 1, 2012
2.5% -May 1, 2013
2% -May 1, 2014
2% -May 1, 2015
1.5%-May 1, 2016

 Are there any retro monies?

Yes. All the increases are retroactive, including on overtime worked.

When will I get paid the retro money?

Now that CUNY trustees have approved the contract, DC 37 members will vote on the ratification of the contract by mail ballot. The ballots will be counted on Monday, July 18. CUNY will make payments as soon as practicable after ratification. DC 37 will post the pay dates on the union’s website

Must I be a member of the union in order to vote on the contract?

Yes, you must be a member in a covered title of the contract in order to be eligible to vote on this contract. You must fill out a green card in order to be eligible to vote on the contract. You can also fill out a card electronically at

What is the Lump Sum of $1,000?

After DC 37 members ratify the contract each full-time member will receive a $1,000 lump sum payment. Part-timers will receive a pro-rated payment.

Prepared by the Research & Negotiations Department, District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, June 30, 2016.

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