Join the Climate Change March in Washington on April 29

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President Donald Trump wasted no time trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and prevent Muslims from entering the country. Those plans stalled when they came up against massive opposition.

The Trump administration has been equally aggressive attacking regulations and laws that protect the environment.

Trump’s new head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t even believe human-caused climate change is a fact. He has said there’s “tremendous disagreement” about the impact people have on the environment.

According to The Atlantic magazine: “This is wrong… Pruitt’s claim runs so counter to the findings of the international scientific community, to the conclusions of the U.S. government, and even to the marketing materials of the oil-and-gas industry that it is difficult to label it anything but a falsehood.”

So it’s not surprising that, in its first few days, the Trump administration “has already taken nearly two dozen actions that are going to do irreparable damage to our environment,” said Jon Foster, the founder of the DC 37 Climate Justice Committee. Among them is a proposal to slash the EPA budget by more than 30 percent.

The union urges DC 37 members and all New Yorkers to help fight back on April 29, when the People’s Climate Movement of New York leads a charge to Washington, D.C.

With the urgency of the activists who participated in the Women’s March on Washington, flooded the airports in solidarity with the Muslim community and filled town hall meetings to oppose the dismantling of health care, thousands of marchers will be in the streets of our nation’s capital, calling for policies to protect the future of our planet.

DC 37 is also sponsoring a free screening of the documentary, “Before the flood,” narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio. The film will be shown at 6 p.m. on April 24 at union headquarters.

Buses will leave for Washington rally at 6 a.m. from DC 37 headquarters at 125 Barclay St. in lower Manhattan. The rally will be at the Dept. of Labor building at 200 Constitution Ave. and is scheduled for 11 a.m.

The bus trip is free. But members must reserve their seat by calling the union’s Political Action Dept. at (212) 815-1550. You can also reserve your seat online.

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