Ruling Upholds Members’ Right to Extra Compensation for Handling Medical Waste

Local 420 Bellevue Grievance.png

BELLEVUE PAYOUT: Local 420 members Sergio Rivera, Sandrine Roberts, and Gervaise English with Grievance Rep. Monique Jaysura, second from left, after settling a group grievance


Seven hospital workers, members of Local 420, have received a total of $7,000 in back pay to settle a group grievance filed after Bellevue Hospital failed to pay them the contractual differential for handling medical waste.

The seven Housekeeping Aides cleaned patients’ rooms and removed and disposed of bagged infectious materials known as red bag waste for more than a year. Management omitted paying them the annual differential for performing the hazardous duties.

The members reached out to Grievance Rep Monique Jaysura, who filed a group grievance on their behalf.

Management did not respond at Step 1, so the grievance went to Step 2.

“Once we filed the grievance, management did not want the case to drag on so they paid the members before the union took the grievance to arbitration,” Jaysura said.
Housekeeping Aide Doris Khodra said she is happy to receive the payment and is glad that the union was there to help.

“The union makes sure members who qualify for differential pay receive it,” Local 420 President Carmen Charles said. “We’re here to help members get their full contracted wages and protections. Anyone who feels they aren’t being appropriately compensated for their work should bring the issue to the union as soon as possible.”

This story appeared previously in the June issue of Public Employee Press.

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