EMS Workers Save Four New Yorkers Exposed to Deadly Gas


EMTs Frantzi Honore, left, and Zache Cox PHOTO: FDNY


Four New Yorkers were saved from deadly noxious fumes by two quick-thinking Emergency Medical Technicians.

Local 2507 members Frantzi Honore and Zache Cox, who work out of FDNY Station 54 in Springfield Gardens, Queens, were responding to an emergency call in Jamaica at 192nd St.

When they arrived at the home on Friday evening Nov. 24, they noticed the carbon monoxide detector in the home was registering deadly levels of gas. Carbon monoxide is undetectable by human senses and is referred to as “the silent killer.”

Honore and Cox quickly evacuated four people from the Queens home.

“A tragedy and potential disaster was avoided by the quick reactions of these two EMS Technicians,” said Oren Barzilay, president of Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics Local 2507.

“All of our members receive great training from the Fire Dept. to help us in our job of protecting and saving lives,” Barzilay said.

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