School Crossing Guard Hospitalized After Car Hits Her in front of Brooklyn School


Local 372 retiree Sallie Robertson worked for many years in Brooklyn, where Ezznati Elkhayatia, a School Crossing Guard was recently hit by a car. “It can get very dangerous out there,” Robertson said. Photo: Clarence Elie-Rivera


School Crossing Guard Ezznati Elkhayatia was injured on the job while looking out for school children and pedestrians crossing the street in front of PS 28 in Brooklyn.

Elkhayatia, a member of Board of Education Employees Local 372, was helping a pregnant woman cross the street at her post on Ralph Avenue and Herkimer Street when she was hit by a car on Dec. 4.

Elkhayatia was taken to Kings County Hospital where she was treated for a broken leg. She is expected to make a full recovery and return to work.

“Our members face this danger every day in front of all the schools in this city as they attempt to protect our schoolchildren,” said Shaun D. Francois l, the local president.

“She’s doing fine,” said Grace Spinks, who visited Elkhayatia in the hospital. Spinks is a School Crossing Guard at PS 236 on Avenue U and Mill Avenue in Brooklyn. She is also a shop steward for Local 372.

Sallie Robertson worked as a School Crossing Guard in Brooklyn for three decades before retiring and was fortunate to never have had an accident on the job.

“I worked at the same school for many years and I knew everybody, the parents, kids and teachers,” she said. “But it can get very dangerous out there.”


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