Magazine Honors Local 420 President Carmen Charles


City & State magazine named Carmen Charles, the president of New York City Hospital Employees Local 420 and a DC 37 vice president, one of its Responsible 100 Honorees at its annual ceremony Dec. 14 for 100 of New York’s most outstanding corporate citizens.


Carmen Charles

“I am deeply moved to be counted alongside New York City’s First Lady Charlaine McCray and NAACP state chapter chair Hazel Dukes,” Charles said. “The members of Local 420 have given me the greatest opportunity as their president to be on the front lines in the fight for better public health care and a healthier city.

“This is no easy task,” Charles said. “The work my members do is in no way glamorous. We are over 8,000 strong– dedicated city workers who provide round-the-clock care at NYC Health and Hospitals facilities, clinics and nursing homes.”

Charles said, “We help the sick and aged and provide quality healthcare for all New Yorkers, including the indigent and uninsured. It takes drive and commitment on the part of every unionized hospital worker to get the job done. For City & State to recognize that is very special.”

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