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Every so often, a widow stops by the DC 37 Health & Security Plan to obtain a inquiry about a benefit of a deceased member.

The benefit could be thousands of dollars from her husband’s DC 37 Annuity Fund. Or a $10,000 death benefit. But when the widow asks about the benefit, she finds out she isn’t eligible. Why? Her husband failed to update his beneficiaries after his divorce, meaning the benefit will go to his previous wife.

So, it’s a good idea to check to see if you need to update your DC 37 Health & Security Plan beneficiary form.

When should you consider changing your beneficiary? Be certain to do it if there’s a significant change in your life, such as

● your beneficiary dies

● you get divorced and your former spouse changes her last name when she remarries

● your beneficiary moves from the address listed on the form

● you get divorced and your former spouse is still identified as your beneficiary, or

● you have a child.

You may call the plan’s Inquiry Unit at 212-815-1234 to request a “Change of Beneficiary” form.

You can also download the form from the union’s website at dc37.net. Click on the “Benefits” button and go to “H&S Forms.”

Be sure to keep your beneficiary form in a safe place.

For further information about the change in beneficiary form or any other benefit-related information, call the Inquiry Unit.

Address change

If you change your residence, you should also inform the plan. Sometimes the plan cannot send you important information because it does not have the correct address.

To update your address, obtain a “Change in Status” form from the Inquiry Unit or by visiting the DC 37 website.

You can also change your address by calling Membership Records at 212-815-1570.

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