Local Presidents Administer Exam for Parks Dept.’s Arborist Jobs


An applicant for a Climber & Pruner job gets ready for a tree-climbing test. Photo: Ibn Mann


The Dept. of Parks and Recreation tested 10 applicants hoping to join the agency’s “delta force” of expert arborists who maintain and remove damaged and dead trees in the five boroughs.

Dept. of Parks Climbers & Pruners Local 1506 President Ibn Mann and Mike Zeno, president of Parks Supervisors Local 1508, administered the exam in Forest Park, Queens earlier this month.

In addition to a timed climb up a tree using brute strength, a harness and ropes, applicants took a written test and a practical exam to test their knowledge of knot tying, ability to identify species of trees and operate bucket trucks. Climbers and Pruners jobs are physically taxing, making it a hard-to-recruit title. This year, 10 men applied for five openings.

“I was very pleased to see many viable candidates take the climbing test,” Mann said. “I’m confident Parks will hire the most qualified of this group of candidates who performed well. I wish we could have hired them all.”                           

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