A Local 768 Member’s Grievance Leads to Promotions and Higher Pay for Coworkers

From left, Local 768 Shop Steward Shirley Williams  Alyson Helfand and Rep Janine Thomas. Photo: Clarence Elie-Rivera


A victory for one advanced an entire unit of Local 768 members when NYC Health+Hospitals promoted nine Lincoln Hospital Social Workers to Level 2 and paid them over $20,000 collectively.

The promotions and pay increases resulted from the settlement of an out-of-title grievance filed by a Social Worker Level 1 who stood up for a promotion and back pay.

‘I was feeling underappreciated and that I was not being taken seriously,” said Alyson Helfand, a Lincoln Hospital Social Worker Level 1 since 2015. “I explored my options for help with getting the appropriate compensation for the level for the responsibility I have in overseeing projects and carrying a very large caseload for two years.”

Senior Council Rep Janine Thomas filed Helfand’s out-of-title grievance in March 2017.

“A promotion is not up to the immediate supervisor,” Thomas explained. “If a member works out-of-title they should file a grievance. The supervisor may recommend them for promotion. When the union attaches that to the out-of-title grievance, it can help our case and convince H+H Human Resources and Central Office to promote the employee.”

Helfand’s supervisor recognized her hard work and H+H settled the grievance at Step 2 in June 2018. Helfand got an upgrade and $2,000 in back pay.

“She has faith in her union,” Thomas said. “It took courage and her actions brought much-needed attention to a longstanding problem worsened by terrible staffing shortages at Lincoln.”

Helfand’s win led Human Resources to review the work of eight other Social Worker Level 1s at Lincoln.

In June, NYC H+H promoted them to Level 2. All are licensed and have master’s degrees in social work. Level 2 Social Workers’ responsibilities include evaluating and counseling individuals and groups independently. They earn about $4,000 above the $56,000 base salary for Social Worker Level 1.

“The supervisor recommended they all be promoted, but these social workers did not get any back pay for their out-of-title work,” Thomas said, “because they did not file grievances like Helfand did.”

“I feel much more appreciated. I see that the union really values me enough to take my grievance seriously,” Helfand said. “Without my union, not much would have changed. I’m proud that my action made a difference and impacted my coworkers for good.”

“The union urges any member working out-of-title to come forward and file a grievance,” said Local 768 President Fitz Reid. “The union is here to help members get any additional salary and title upgrades they may be entitled to.”

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