PROUD TO SERVE: DC 37 Leadership Team Elected



DC 37 Election Committee Chair Debbie Lane swears in the union’s top officers and executive board members after the votes in the Jan. 22 election were tabulated by the impartial American Arbitration Association. Photo: Clarence Elie-Rivera.


Executive Director Henry Garrido was overwhelmingly elected to a second, three-year term by DC 37 delegates on Jan. 22.

Shaun D. Francois I, president of Dept. of Education Employees Local 372, defeated incumbent DC 37 President Eddie Rodriguez, long-time president of Clerical Administrative Employees Local 1549.

Treasurer Maf Misbah Uddin, president of Accountants, Actuaries and Statisticians Local 1407,  was re-elected. Secretary Deborah Pitts, president of Finance Administrative Employees and City Investigators Local 1113, did not face opposition.

Local 384 Treasurer Debbie Lane, chair of the DC 37 Election Committee, announced the results at about 11 p.m. and swore in the winners right after her announcement.

Below are the winners of the executive board seats. Executive Board members who were either elected for the first time or re-elected. All are presidents of their local unions, unless otherwise noted:

Anthony Wells, Social Service Employees Union Local 371;

Donald Nesbit, executive vice president of Local 372;

Carmen Charles, Municipal Hospital Employees Local 420;

Alma Roper, executive vice president of Local 1549;

Dishunta Meredith, College Assistants Local 2054;

Judith Arroyo, United Federation of Nurses and Epidemiologists Local 436;

Ronaldo Barber, Brooklyn Library Guild 1482;

Dilcy Benn, Attendants, Park Service Workers, City Parkers & Debris Removers Local 1505;

Valentin Colon, New York Public Library Local 1930;

Mike DeMarco, Traffic Employees Local 1455;

Gene DeMartino, Construction Laborers, Highway Repairers and Watershed Maintainers Local 376;

Juan Fernandez, Amalgamated Professional Employees Local 154;

John Hyslop, Queens Library Guild Local 1321;

Dennis Ifill, Rent Regulation Services Employees Local 1359;

Laura Morand, Electronic Data Processing Employees Local 2627;

Eric Latson, former president of Custodial Assistant Employees Local 1597;

Jeff Oshins, Local Health Dept. Technical Professional Employees 3005;

Joseph Puleo, Motor Vehicle Operators Local 983;

Fitz Reid, Health Services Employees Local 768;

Magaly Rosario, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Clerical-Administrative Employees Local 1655;

Fausto Sabatino, Court, County and Dept. of Probation Employees Local 1070;

Peter Stein, Lifeguard Supervisors Local 508;

James Tucciarelli, former president of Sewage Treatment and Sr. Sewage Treatment Workers Local 1320;

Esther Sandy Tucker, City University of New York and Educational Opportunity Centers Local 384, and

Vincent Variale, Uniformed EMS Officers, Fire Dept. City of New York, Local 3621.

Election Committee members Sheera Glass (Local 154), Donna Seale-Harrison (Local 957) and Louise Stamp (Local 1930), ensured that the election process moved along smoothly.

Under Garrido’s leadership, the union settled a citywide contract agreement, pushed for legislation to protect public sector unions, supported universal free school lunch, fought for additional funding for the city’s public hospitals and schools, and initiated one of the most extensive organizing drives in the union’s history.

“During the past three years, we have confronted numerous challenges, including the U.S. Supreme Court’s adverse ruling on the Janus case,” Garrido said. “Together, we are overcoming them. I am grateful for the support of the membership and look forward to continue working with a deeply committed leadership team.”

The impartial American Arbitration Association monitored the election and tabulated the vote.

Assistant Director Rudolph Orozco contributed to this post.

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