Union Offers Free Tax Preparation

In 2018, DC 37 helped thousands members to get over $10 million in refunds and savings on expensive tax preparation. This year, DC 37 is continuing our partnership with Food Bank, which will operate 10 centers in all five boroughs.

Centers are located near members’ workplaces, homes or transportation hubs. Professional tax preparers are at each site. Please use the checklist below to be sure you bring all the required documents.

What You Need To Bring

• Social Security cards (you must bring an original card, a copy of the card or a copy of last year’s tax return) or your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN); and dates of birth for yourself and all family members you are claiming.

• W-2s for all jobs you held in 2018 and any other tax-related documents.

• A 1098-T-Tuition Statement.

• A form 1099-INT, if you received interest from a bank account in 2018.

• Documentation of expenses and childcare agency’s ID or Social Security number of provider, if you are claiming childcare expenses,

•  You must bring your spouse, if you are filing your taxes with a spouse.

• A sample check with routing number if you want direct deposit of your refund.

• 2 photo IDs (one government issued). If you have a state ID or driver’s license you must have it with you.

2018 Income Limits

In order to qualify for free electronic filing and tax preparation, a person with dependent children must have earned less than $55,000 total family income, including spouse income. A person with no children must have earned less than $30,000 total family income, including spouse income.

Self Preparation Option

For filers with incomes up to $60,000, regardless of family size, free self-preparation with electronic filing and back up assistance is available at certain New York Public Library locations. Check income-tax-information for specific sites and hours.

Depending on income and family size, the member may also be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, an additional amount of money that is paid to low income families in addition to their tax refund. Income limits for free tax service and the EITC are determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Click here for more information about locations throughout the city for free, quality tax assistance.

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