Become a Wellness Champion: Free Classes and Programs for DC 37 Members

Did you know FREE Exercise Classes and FREE Smoking Cessation Programs are available at your city agency work location? These and many other valuable programs are available through WorkWell NYC to help you get and stay healthy.

When DC 37 and other municipal employee unions negotiated improvements to your health insurance benefits, we placed an emphasis on prevention in order to avoid high hospital costs. High insurance costs limit our ability to negotiate for better raises and working conditions. It’s in all of our interests to get healthy so we can get a little bit more wealthy!

Workshops include healthy eating, pre-diabetes support, mindfulness and stress reduction, and even financial planning, since money worries lead to health worries. Worksite fitness classes cover all levels of activity from Chair Yoga to Zumba. It’s a fun way to spend your lunch hour and to interact with your colleagues in a different, upbeat way.

How can you take advantage of these great programs? Contact WorkWell NYC at Invite them to make a presentation at your agency QWL meeting, or your union membership meeting. You may even want to be a Wellness Ambassador or a Wellness Champion to help get your co-workers involved and active. There are so many ways for DC 37 members to be leaders – as union activists, community advocates and now as health leaders.

Here is a brief profile of one of our DC 37 members who is a Wellness Champion at NYC Parks & Recreation.

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