The DC 37 Political Endorsement Process: How It Works

District Council 37 is proud to support labor-friendly candidates committed to protecting workers rights and advancing the social and economic rights of all New Yorkers.

A District Council 37 (DC 37) endorsement is more than a stamp of approval; it is a commitment of time, resources, and mutual support.

To receive an endorsement, our members must be confident that you share our values of economic and social justice for all, as well as a commitment to continue the work of making our government the force necessary to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.

DC 37 will not endorse in every race, but we invite all candidates seeking elected office to contact our Political Action Department.

DC 37’s leadership and Delegates have outlined a process that all candidates must adhere to in order to be considered for endorsement.

  1. Contact Us – Contact the Political Action Department at 212-815-1550 or by email at with some background about yourself and the office you’re interested in. After receiving your request, Political Action Department staff will reach out to schedule a call or meeting with you about your candidacy.
  2. Fill out a questionnaire – Questionnaires are emailed to candidates that request DC 37’s endorsement. This will let us know a little more about your campaign, where you stand on the issues important to us, and what you would like to accomplish as an elected official. If we decide to make an endorsement in your race, your questionnaire will be shared with members of our Screening Committee before a vote is taken. Your completed questionnaire will also be available to our membership upon their request.
  3. Endorsement Interviews – Endorsement interviews are conducted for races involving two or more candidates. Candidates will meet with our Screening Committee, which consists of fifteen local presidents and is chaired by DC 37’s Political Action Committee chair.

After the interviews, the Screening Committee will make endorsement recommendations to DC 37’s Executive Board. The Executive Board will vote on those recommendations and then submit them to the Delegates for a final vote. Candidates will be notified of the Delegates endorsement decision in the days following the Delegates meeting.

After endorsements, candidates are free to reach out and discuss volunteer support, press events, etc.

If you have any questions about our endorsement process, please contact the Political Action Department at 212-815-1550 or email us at

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