Union Legal Services Are Available

By BILL WHALEN, Director and Chief Counsel,
DC 37 Municipal Employees Legal Services

The lawyers, legal assistants and clerical workers at MELS are continuing to serve members remotely. Our Screening Unit can be reached at 212-815-1111 and can connect you with an attorney. 

New York courts are operating on an emergency basis. They are only handling emergency applications. These include:

  • Applications to stop garnishments and unfreeze bank accounts that are the result of a judgment in consumer debt cases;
  • Applications to get back into your apartment if you have been locked out by the landlord or evicted by a City Marshal;
  • Applications to correct serious housing code violations and reductions in essential services;
  • Emergency family offense petitions;
  • Temporary orders of protection;
  • Orders to show cause in Family Court proceedings.

Federal Bankruptcy courts also are operating on an emergency basis. Conferences and  appearances being conducted telephonically. 

If you are in need of an emergency application, have a question about a pending court case or have an emergency situation not listed above, please call MELS at 212-815-1111. 

Bill Whalen, Director and Chief Counsel 212-815-1810, wwhalen@dc37.net

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