A Few Self-Care Tips for You and Yours During COVID-19

The Personal Service Unit (PSU) of DC37’s Health and Security Plan would like to offer some Self-Care Tips to use during this challenging time:

1. Social distancing does NOT mean emotional distancing. Continue to reach out to friends and family for support and, if you can, video chatting can help feel increased connection.

2. For those working from home, try to create structure within your day to keep regular meal times, wake and bed times, and get dressed for the day (comfortable wear is fine).

3. Reduce or place a time limit on your news consumption. Avoid watching or reading the news before bed. Instead, try to watch something light or humorous.

4. Maintain healthy boundaries. It is ok to set limits and say “No” to others when things feel a bit unmanageable.

5. Focus on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Try your best to eat healthy, balanced meals, exercise, or try a mindfulness exercise like meditation or deep breathing.

6. Tap into your creative side: Write, paint, draw, cook, bake, pick up an old hobby or try a new one. Engaging in repetitive movements such as knitting, crocheting or coloring can also be effective self-soothing in moments of distress.

7. Find something you can control. In this time of uncertainty, focusing on tasks, such as organizing a closet, drawer, shed or garage, can make you feel grounded.

The Personal Service Unit (PSU) is here to support you. To speak with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for confidential tele-counseling, please call (212) 815-1250 or (212) 815-1260.

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