Census 2020, You Count! Respond Now!


While COVID-19 has changed lives of all New Yorkers, DC 37 urges everyone to respond to Census 2020.

Just 40.5 percent of NYC residents have responded to Census 2020, far below the national average of 51 percent counted to date. We need to step it up. Make sure you get counted & fill out the form now! It’s only 10 short questions. Either via phone (844-330-2020) or online at my2020census.gov.

In 2010, New York was undercounted and that has hurt us all. Let’s each do our part to make sure we are counted in 2020 for our fair share of funding for much-needed services.

Census 2020 results will help build new hospitals and better roads, schools, nursing homes, and more.

The Census 2020 deadline is extended to October. DC 37 urges you to answer Census 2020 online if you haven’t already done so.

New York City is the epicenter of COVID-19. Some people might have left or are staying with a relative or loved one outside of the city. They count too, and can go online or call toll-free 844-330-2020.

We all count. From infants to seniors, we are in this together. Respond and be counted New York! Census 2020.


Find out why it’s safe.

  • Your answers can’t be shared with anyone – not to other federal agencies outside the Census Bureau, not the police, not your landlord, not NYCHA – or they will go to jail for 5 years and be fined $250,000
  • Please count EVERYONE — whether they are a citizen or not, whether they are on the lease legally or not, whether your apartment is “legal” or not.

Make sure you count EVERYONE – especially children!

Get others to be counted: It’s EASY. Have them text LaborCounts to 877-877

Suspicious Census activity? Questions? Concerns?

Call a hotline: NALEO’s Hagase Contar – 877-El-Censo (877-352-3676)

Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights Under the Law – 888-Count20 (888-268-6820)

LatinoJustice PRLDEF – 833-557-5869

Answer Census 2020 call 844-330-2020! #LaborCounts #CountusAll

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