Time Off to Vote June 23 New Changes

VOTING UPDATE: Primary Day is June 23. We are providing you with the updated information on getting time off to vote on June 23. 

Section 3-110 of the New York State Election Law, which relates to providing employees in New York State time off to vote, was amended effective April 3, 2020. The changes made are as follows: 

  • Employees are eligible for voting leave only if they do not have four (4) consecutive hours either between the opening of the polls and the beginning of their working shift, or between the end of their working shift and the closing of the polls; and 
  • Employees who do not have such a four (4) hour window are eligible to take off only as much working time as will, when added to their voting time outside working hours, enable the employee to vote, up to two (2) hours of which time must be without loss of pay. 

The PSB 440-3 that was referenced is out of date. 

We apologize for the misinformation. Please make sure to take time to vote either through early voting that ends June 21, absentee voting mailing ballots by June 22, or in person voting Tuesday June 23. 

Please support union endorsed candidates. Help DC 37 and volunteer with the Political Action’s Get Out The Vote efforts. Sign up here for details. Can we count on you to spend a few hours each week helping us elected strong candidates?

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