You Can Help Get Out the Vote October 8

Sisters & Brothers, 

With just 27 days to Election Day, there’s no better time than now to stand up and make a difference. We are less than a month away from the most critical moment in history. The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election will be our only opportunity to elect new, proven leadership for our nation! 

As the number of people infected by the coronavirus continues to grow, it proves to have no mercy on our City and it spares no expense on the workforce. Labor has been on the frontlines for this country during every national and local crisis. 

Currently we are facing layoffs and lack economic assistance from our federal government. We must work to protect our jobs, our benefits, and our UNION.

Sisters and Brothers,WE NEED CHANGE NOW! We cannot afford to allow the current Administration or the pandemic to stop us! We cannot do this without YOU! 

We are calling and talking to our brothers and sisters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania about the importance of voting in the upcoming election. Join us for our weekly virtual phone banks to call fellow AFSCME members this Wednesday, Oct. 8. Sign up now at:

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