DC 37 Members Invited to Participate in Art is Life!

WorkWell NYC is launching its inaugural virtual exhibit,  Art is Life, and invites DC 37 members to participate at on.nyc.gov/artislife.

This platform gives city employees space to reflect on their experiences over the past few months as our community continues to struggle with the impact of a global pandemic, discrimination, and systemic racism.

WorkWell NYC uses art to spark positive conversations about how New Yorkers deal with challenges and difficult issues and most importantly, begin the process of healing.

Submissions are being accepted through Nov. 27. They are looking to feature art from DC 37 members in this virtual exhibit.

For more information on participant eligibility, virtual exhibit dates and more, visit on.nyc.gov/artislife.

WorkWell NYC is committed to addressing matters of inequity and providing platforms to educate and develop structural solutions to health and wellness. It has launched Project B.U.I.L.D., Building Understanding, Inclusion, Learning and Diversity, an initiative to develop creative solutions for longstanding health-inequity problems and to ensure inclusive and accessible programming.

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