Private Sector Locals! Sign Up for Health Housing and Resource Virtual Fair on Dec. 12!

Attention members of Locals 95, 107, 205, 215, 253, and 389! The DC 37 Non-Profit and Private Sector Division is holding a virtual Health Housing and Resource Virtual Fair on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m., and also at 1 p.m.

Your union will be delivering important information about the services DC 37 offers in workshops held throughout the day.

Presentations from the Non-Profit and Private Sector Locals’ health insurance providers, along with workshops from the DC 37 Affordable Housing Program, the Citizenship Now Program, Political Action and Community Associations will be offered to members.

Representatives for other important programs, such as the Education Department, AFSCME’s Member Advantage Program and Free College, as well from CUNY’s School of Labor and Urban Studies will be there to talk about the opportunities for members to enhance workplace skills and education advancement.

The Volunteer Legal Services Program will also offer workshops on wills for essential workers and information on end of life planning for frontline workers.

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