Erase Racism

DC 37 Celebrates Black History Month on Zoom

By NINA E. MANNING, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 1930 

DC 37 Black History Committee Co-Chair 

The pandemic will not stop Black people from celebrating their history. We have overcome much, but we have not eliminated racism. Here it is the year 2021, and I am confounded that we are still being challenged for the color of our skin and gender. 

As a Proud Black/African American woman, I stand on the shoulders of many outstanding heroes and sheroes. Mayou Angelou, Mary Wilson, Ruby Davis, Jamila Harris, Michelle Obama, Clayola Brown, Barbara Edmond, Jacqueline Crawford, Joyce Tutein, Almeta Johnson and of course my queen, Martha A. Manning, my mother.  

I celebrate these sheroes as each one has played a part in my life and helping me become an activist in the labor movement and a fair and caring leader. I am very much into working as a team.  Each one, teach one.  

Like the women I admire, a few of my heroes are Barack Obama, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., A Phillip Randolph, William B. Lucy, Anthony Harmon, and my king, Robert Manning Sr., my Dad. These strong men lead with integrity, humility, and fairness. They embody the mantra each one, teach one.  

If we all work together, no one is overwhelmed or overworked.  Many of my counterparts don’t understand how I can get this and that done with a group effort.  One major way is to recognize and appreciate your resources.  Never be afraid to teach or share your knowledge. Don’t just stand there; help your brothers, your sisters! Pull them up! 

I believe one of the reasons racism still exists is fear. Fear of the unknown.  If we all had an ounce of love in us, we would love our neighbors as our brothers and sisters.  We would all be each other’s keepers. The color of our brothers and sisters skin or their gender would not matter. 

Racism is a learned behavior. Instead of teaching racism, show how to climb up on the shoulders of this great nation and learn from our past. Lean down and grab a hand or two. Let’s STOMP OUT racism. Look at the person, not the color of their skin. Show love to your fellow human beings.  When we talk with each other, we learn that each of us can bring something to the table. Erase Racism. 

Erase Racism Matters. Erase Racism is Needed. Erase Racism is Necessary!


DC 37 members and retirees are invited to the DC 37 Black History Committee’s virtual soft opening featuring spoken word and live music on Zoom Wed. Feb. 17 at 6:00 p.m.  Click the link:  Meeting ID: 918 3894 4111  Passcode: 00i5nu

NYPL Local 1930 hosts a virtual Freedom Story Time for children on Zoom Feb. 20, at 12 noon. Click this link:  Meeting ID: 970 8938 0979
Passcode: 0bWGBP

The virtual BHM Finale is Saturday, Feb. 27 at 12:00 noon with special guests TBA.  Meeting ID: 206 840 7434   Passcode: 5mNX64

For more information, call Committee Chair Nina Manning at 212-206-5444.

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