Essential Workers #GetVaccinated

This series shares DC 37 members’ personal stories and their reasons for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the fight to end a global pandemic, DC 37 is proud of the work, sacrifice, and dedication of its members in these unprecedented and challenging times.

Nate Franco 

Social Worker Level 3, Harlem Hospital
Local 768

“I am a Social Worker caring for COVID positive patients. I have gotten tested nearly every week since tests became widely available. The same day I heard I was eligible for the vaccine, I took the first appointment available, which was at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. I got the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the safety of my family and for myself. 

The virus is still spreading and coworkers were contracting COVID. I have been very afraid to bring it home to my family. To keep everyone safer, we separated. My wife and child went to live with my in-laws, and for nearly two months, I only saw them online. In the past year, I’ve used my vacation time to quarantine twice, just so I could visit without having to wear a mask the whole time.

Though it hasn’t been proven conclusively that the COVID-19 vaccine will prevent the transmission of COVID-19, I am optimistic that it will. I chose to get the vaccine in order to reduce the risk I pose to my family as I continue to care for COVID positive patients. Everyone in my immediate family also decided to get the vaccine as soon as possible. For us, the benefits of taking the vaccine far outweighed the risks. Aside from a sore arm, it felt just like a flu shot.” 


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