Union Restructures Divisions

District Council 37 announced new changes to its division structure. The union recently renamed and consolidated six divisions into four, allowing the union to better focus on delivering services and protecting the rights of members. The change is applicable to members who are employed at New York City mayoral agencies, cultural institutions, libraries, CUNY, MTA, TBTA and School Construction authorities, and state agencies. DC 37’s six locals in the Non-Profit Division were not part of the restructuring.

Please use the organizational guide below, which lists local unions in their assigned divisions, as well as the division directors, assistant division directors and phone numbers.

Professional & Healthcare Division

Locals: 154371375420436768118914071757, 3005, 3778, 3621

Division Director: Marianela Santana

Asst. Division Director: Tracey Ziemba

Division Main Line212-815-1040

Parks, Cultural & Higher Education Division

Locals: 299374376384, 461508924983108711571306, 145515011502150315051506150715081559159717972054, 25072627 

Division Director: David Boyd 

Asst. Division Director: Madonna Knight 

Division Main Line: 212-815-1060

Education & Libraries Division

Locals: 3721251132114821930

Division Director: Michele Menduina 

Asst. Division Director: John Burke 

Division Main Line: 212-815-1050

State, Administrative & Authorities Division

Locals: 9571070111313591549165519311320, 1322, 290635993652, 1740

Division Director: Kenneth Mulligan 

Asst. Division Director– Eddie Douglass 

Division Main Line: 212-815-1020

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