Union Scores Pair of Out-of-Title Grievances at Lincoln Hospital


When wronged in the workplace, it pays to assert your rights by contacting your union.

Last year, two SSEU Local 371 members at Lincoln Hospital won their respective out-of-title grievances.

Kenneth Dease, an Addiction Counselor Level 1 at Lincoln Hospital’s Behavioral Health Department CATH Program, discovered that his workload reflected that of a Level 2. After a brief discussion with his union rep, it became evident that Dease was taking on responsibilities beyond his title within the department.

The union filed Dease’s case in late May 2022. The department did not contest the grievance in response, and the matter was resolved in late September.

“Fortunately, our member reached out to us,” said Alexander Elias, a Grievance Rep in DC 37’s Professional and Healthcare Division. “Management realized they had a problem, and we were able to avoid progressing the matter.”

Another significant out-of-title grievance victory late last year involved a matter of blurred boundaries for Imara Casiano, a Community Liaison Worker Level 2 in the Family Focus Health Care for Women program at Lincoln Hospital’s Social Work Department.

In her work in the program, Casiano provided care to assigned patients that, she later found out, went beyond the scope of her title. Upon further investigation, there was minimal distinction in Casiano’s duties while working alongside a social worker.

“There are gray areas in most job descriptions,” Elias said. “However, in this case, the duties between the two in the workplace were substantially different. But one must credit Casiano’s passion for the job in her commitment to caring for patients.”

When Casiano went to the union, the matter settled quickly. In only three days last December, Casiano was upgraded to Level 3.

“Workers must always be aware of their value on the job and come to us to assist them in asserting their rights,” said Anthony Wells, SSEU Local 371 President. “Just compensation for work rendered should never be questioned. These cases are examples of those times when management quickly agrees.”

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