Battery Park City Workers Win First Contract

Bargaining Committee members from left: Madelin Ramirez, Betsy Afzal, Curtis Afzal, and Richard Farino. Not pictured: Ronnie Mohammed. Photo: Moira Dolan

After 24 sessions beginning in November of 2021, Battery Park City Authority members won their first-ever contract in May by 86%. The agreement includes 3% pay increases from 2022 through 2025 and longevity bonuses after five years and every five years thereafter. DC 37 represents 51 members in multiple Battery Park City Horticulture and Maintenance titles.

The campaign to represent the workers included demonstrations, t-shirt and button days, letters to legislators, and many meetings with the membership to keep their spirits up during the protracted negotiations. The contract provides the security of knowing their increases, benefits, and protections for the next several years. Previously the workers were at-will employees and didn’t know whether they would get any annual increases.

DC 37 continues to organize workers across the city. If you know interested workers, please have them contact the DC 37 Organizing Department at 212.815.1095.

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